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SQLServer and .NET libraries and utilities

This is a collection of pre-built and tested CLR libraries for extending the functionality of SQL - plus some general .NET assemblies that are used in the SQL assemblies but can also be very useful in general code.

There is also an extremely useful tool for managing the deployment and installation of assemblies on SQL Server (which is a serious pain using SSMS).

Originally I published these commercially, but then got tied up with another business venture and didn't really have time to do all the marketing etc. - I have decided to open-source these and share them with the SQL developer community because some of them really are very useful (I use them regularly and frankly would struggle to do without them).

If you have purchased a licence for one or more of these libraries and paid for support I will continue to honour the contract and provide support for the remainder of the paid-up term, however now you can also benefit from the support of the wider developer community and can also get you hands on the source code should you need to.


SQL Server .Net
SQLFinancials SQLUtilities CSBoost
SQLFile SQLStatistics CSFinancials
SQLDistributions SQLRollingStats  
SQLEngineering SQLMath  
SQLTuples SQLCore  
Assembly Manager    

Open Projects:

SQLTemporal - utilities to support temporal and bi-temporal databases

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